Technical Basics and Rescue

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This course provides the fundamental skills you need to take part in other technical diving programs. You’ll learn both the equipment and many of the procedures required for decompression diving.

The Technical training progression requires a high degree of competency in skills such as equipment handling, buoyancy control, dive planning and teamwork, which this course helps provide.

This course does not cover actual decompression and/or deep diving but instead focuses on meeting the prerequisites for the next level of training. This course duration is 4 Day minimum but we will go along at your pace making sure you get the most possible out of this course. this course is priced at £450 including material costs and gas costs.

Pre-requisites you must be at least 16 years old, a qualified Nitrox diver and a qualified Rescue Diver or higher additionally you must have your own equipment for this level of training.